Karina Victoria.

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Karina Victoria.
Q: Ohhhh love, ignore these people on your page cussin you about wearing your solider boyfriends uniform! Clearly, they have nothing better to do!! My family was and are in the army, I don't find it offensive one single bit! It's not taking the piss out of them what so ever, if anything your rating them by wearing it!!
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Q: I don't think you're a horrible person, and I'm certainly not going to call you names or anything. But some of us stand behind husbands who have faced deployments multiple times who have died or been scared mentally/physically so to see someone prance around in a uniform to look cute, yeah it's going to rub people the wrong way. Because most of us don't consider a uniform to be a prop. If you don't care what we think fine, but prepare for the same commentary with any future similar photos.
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Q: My father died serving his country and some fucking cunt thinks she can just put on a uniform and it's all good? Fuck you. You don't deserve to be a military spouse, you disrespectful child.
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Who wore it better? 😂 I Miss My G.I. Joe ! @imjaysteez

Who wore it better? Probably the person who earned that uniform.

DaFuck is this shit !?!?!

Oh my god..

Good grief


Fucking what

I am gunna loose my shit I swear from an actual soldier don’t disrespect my uniform you didn’t earn shit to wear it’s not a damn fashion statement to look cute in people have died in this uniform have some fucking respect

hey ladies :) just to set you all straight, this was over a year ago when my SO graduated basic training. he thought it would be cute to see how big his uniform was compared to me and he was the one that took this photo. Obviously being an army wife in a week, I wouldn’t deliberately disrespect his career. You can all get your panties out of your asses now, thank you 🙈
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Q: How the fuck dare you ever wear that uniform. You didn't earn the right. Disrespectful twat.
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